Climbing is a sport suitable for all, whatever your ages.

First of all, it is a physical activity accessible to beginners as well as to the more experienced.

Climbing enables a better understanding of the space and volumes surrounding us and working on possible difficulties to be in height. Searching for one’s body limits and surpassing oneself are two keys to success; thus climbing is both a sport and a therapeutic practice offering a large number of educational possibilities.

In short, all the conditions are there for you to have a relaxing and entertaining time.

Cliff climbing

Come and get some height with a skilled and fun instructor, who will make you discover the world of climbing and its benefits. Alone, with family or friends, come and share a unique experience, adapted to your needs.


harness, helmet, climbing equipement  


Backpack, water and sunglasses


For more information or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact me