Mountain bike

Made up of numerous plateaus, the Jura mountains offer beautiful meadows opening on panoramic views, bordered by fir and spruce forests

Numerous paths or more discreet tracks offer a multitude of possibilities, more or less technical, that will allow you to ride among the cows or to make a discreet crossing into neighbouring Switzerland.

Discover below the tours we offer.

VTT Doubs

La Roche Sarrazine

An easy trail, accessible to all, to discover the village of Les FOURGS and its history, as well as the Roche Sarrazine lookout point, which offers a magnificent view of the Château de Joux! Undergrowth and white path 

VTT Doubs

La Frontalière

As its name suggests, this route offers a short visit into neighboring Switzerland. But that is not its only interest !
We could have called it the panoramic hike, because it will take you to the Mont de l'Herba, offering you a magnificent view of the Jura massif. To reach this viewpoint, you will cross pastures, combes and forests and be delighted by such variety of landscapes.


N.B.: This loop is mainly intended for electric mountain bikes but is still accessible by mountain bike


Mountain bike, helmet 


Backpack, water and sunglasses

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