Climbing is a sport suitable for all and all ages. It is particularly suitable for young people for a variety of reasons.

 First of all, it allows a physical practice that is accessible to beginners as well as to the most seasoned and allows you to test your limits in an environment supervised and secured by professionals.

Climbing allows an apprehension of the spaces and volumes that surround them and a work on the possible difficulties of being at height.

Beyond the development of physical abilities, young people can work on concepts that are more in the realm of the mind.

 Individualism sometimes prevails, when the climber is on the wall, he has to make sure that he gets to the end of the path through an efficient access and make sure that his passage is safe, but team spirit is also very important, it is rare that the climber is completely alone. There must be a relationship of trust between the participants.

Thus, through "climbing", young people learn and understand the importance of safety for themselves and others.

The search towards the limits that the body imposes on us and the surpassing of oneself are two keys to success; thus climbing is both a sporting and therapeutic practice and offers a large number of pedagogical possibilities.

In short, all the conditions are there for you to spend a moment of relaxation and entertainment.